"Living in such a competitive age, my wife and I knew that the college application process would be much more challenging than we could even anticipate. With busy schedules of our own and a child who faced a lot of deadlines, practices, and school and work stresses, we knew we needed a mediator to help us tackle this overwhelming and hugely important task at hand. What we found at The Comprehensive College Check was not just competent individuals who could provide the help we needed, but people who really cared about our son, both now and into the future. Each member of this team provided such expertise and care: they gathered a thorough inventory of his history to determine what was best for him, counseled him on all the different schools available and all of their best attributes as well as their drawbacks, helped him refine his resume, worked tirelessly with him on his essays until he stopped writing well and started writing his best, and finally, encouraged him to shoot for the stars, but also balance his expectations. We couldn't have asked for a better service and a better experience than what we found with The Comprehensive College Check."

- Note from a Parent


We are continually grateful that you are driving this process so that we can provide support without constantly nagging about tasks and deadlines. It has made a stressful and overwhelming process much more palatable for all of us. We have, especially, appreciated the help with her essays, as suggestions from outside experts are far more readily accepted than ours. Additionally, please know your expertise has been heard and taken to heart.  

We are so pleased with this process and the job you are doing."

- Kim Bird, Parent

"Shout out to Jeff Pilchiek for guiding Julia Bybee through the college application process! Momma Bybee couldn't have done it without Pilchiek! Highly Recommended!! Jeff will not disappoint!" 

- Christie Bybee, Proud Westlake HS Parent